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We believe that we all need to behave responsibly to protect and improve the environment
and we are constantly exploring new ways in which we can minimise the impact we have on
our surroundings, using locally-sourced, environmentally friendly products where possible.

A high volume of paper has traditionally been used in recruitment and other professional
organisations, and by questioning accepted practices we are aiming to significantly reduce
our usage, ensuring that the paper we do expend has minimal impact on the environment.
We have introduced and developed an online timesheet system that our clients have access
to, reducing the number of paper timesheets sent in and faxed across. Increased use of
email and online media rather than paper based communications for both general business
correspondence and marketing activity has also had a positive effect.

On the waste that we do produce, we aim to minimise negative environmental effects by
making every effort to recycle paper, cardboard, metal and plastic, for which staff make a
voluntary contribution each month, ensuring confidential paper waste is shredded and
recycled locally. In addition, all spent print toner containers are sent back to the suppler for
recycling and any electronic waste is disposed of in line with the WEE Regulations.