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Temporary Employment

Temporary Employment

What is temping?

Temporary work is a popular alternative to permanent employment, allowing flexibility for both candidates and clients. The need for temporary staff arises in a variety of circumstances, it could be that clients are experiencing an increase in workload, require cover for absence or planned leave, or have a specific project for which expertise are needed. It is also increasingly common that clients employ candidates on a temp to perm basis, whereby a period of temporary employment replaces a more traditional ‘probation period’ in a contract for permanent employment. This allows clients to assess the suitability of a candidate and for employees to ascertain whether they are keen to commit to the position on a permanent basis.

Why temp?

There are many benefits to working on a temporary contract some of which we have outlined below: Flexibility - Temping gives you the power to decide who you work for and for how long, with only 1 weeks notice required.

  • Experience – It allows you the opportunity to acquire new skills, gain experience, discover new strengths and refine your skills.
  • Career / Industry Change - If you are thinking about working in a new industry or even making a complete career change temping can assist in you making an informed decision.
  • Interim Measure - It can also just be used as an interim measure while you are looking for that next permanent opportunity, to continue earning without those gaps appearing in your CV until that perfect role becomes available.
  • Foot in the Door - In some cases, temporary work can lead on to permanent positions, and a period of temporary work is the perfect environment in which to prove yourself. Whatever your reason for wanting to temp, just ensure that you are honest with your consultant so that we can find the right placement for you.


If you wish to be considered for temporary work you will be required to complete a registration form and conduct an informal face-to-face interview with a consultant, where we can discuss your current requirements and aspirations. You will need to bring identification in the form of a passport, birth certificate or national ID Card and documents to confirm your right to work in the UK. The registration with include the completion of health and criminal conviction declarations and we require reference details for previous employers, which will be followed up prior to a placement, and any specific qualifications or certification necessary for a role must be validated.

During employment

A Merit consultant will keep in close contact with all parties during an assignment, conducting performance appraisals where necessary. If you have any questions during an assignment then please contact your consultant or pay us a visit us at the Merit office.


All temporary workers will be paid an hourly rate which will vary depending on the assignment, and this will be paid directly into your nominated bank account weekly, on a Friday and a week in arrears. (This means that your first wages will be paid to you the Friday after the week in which you begin work). We run payroll on site and provide a same day payroll query service if you are confused or experiencing problems with your wages. You will be deducted tax and national insurance and a breakdown of this will appear on your payslip which will be given sent out in the post. Please note, if you make any changes to your payment details or address you must inform the Merit office as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays.


You will accrue statutory holiday, calculated out pro-rata, during your assignment to a maximum of 28 days. Once you have earned holiday entitlement, you must complete a ‘Holiday Request Form’ at the Merit office. To maximise your chance of being allowed the holiday required we request that you give twice as much notice as you wish to have off, or at your earliest convenience. Your holiday entitlement runs for a year from the day that you begin your employment with us. If you are in a temporary assignment for less than a year any unused holiday will be paid to you in a lump sum with your final wages.

Late or Sick

As your contract is with Merit, if you are running late for work or are sick and cannot make it in to work on time for any reason then you must contact a Merit consultant at least 30minutes before you are due to begin work. If you are off work for a period of more than 7 days you must bring a doctors certificate to verify your absence. Certain clients will require you to complete a ‘Return to Work’ form and conduct an interview to assess your ability to go back to work. You will be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay and Leave (e.g. Maternity or Paternity) in line with current Legislation.


We will give you as much notice as possible if we are informed that your assignment is coming to an end, and request that you provide us with one weeks notice if you wish to terminate your employment for any reason.