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Leadership development

Merit helps you build a successful career.

Merit Group has a long history of supporting organisations and senior management teams for over 30 years. Our services and delivery models have been focused on resolving challenges and at our core we are driven by seeking opportunities that call for transformation, a fresh approach, delivered by a team that understands the need for a steady pair of hands whom will stand and deliver.

Coaching and Leadership Development

  • Leadership and managment training
  • Leadership
  • Retention and engagement
  • Reskilling the HR function
  • Talent acquisition and access
  • Global HR and talent management
  • Performance management
  • Executive Coaching

Meet our Experts

Our coaching, mentoring, training and development services are delivered through our incredibly skilled, diverse and cross cultural Consultants, Strength Coaches and Trainers.

Helen Duguid

Helen Duguid

Senior Partner

At the heart of this delivery we are very honored and proud to count Helen Duguid as one of our Senior Associates. Helen has coached both private and public sectors internationally and her areas of Expertise can best be described as Global Organisation Development: design and delivery of world class processes, tools and practices that support building a leadership pipeline; executive and leadership development; talent development and management, succession planning, executive coaching, leadership team development, mentoring and wo-mentoring. Helen is a Faculty member of Meyler Campbell, a world renowned executive coach training and leadership development community. She also has a wonderful sense of humour and gravitas that is highly engaging either one to one or in a team setting. Read more here (

Maria Nunes

Maria Nunes

Managing Director

This side of the business is co-run by the Merit Group owner, Maria Nunes whose lifelong passion is one of learning, seeking ways of attempting to make the perceived impossible possible: she continues to do this through the development of her own team and working with organisations on building sustainable teams and leaders. Merit is counted as one of the first for encouraging full transparency, being part of the team with Katrine Sporle the then CEO of Hampshire County Council to get a big conversation between business and County and being part of the Executive board when putting together the Counties first public / private fund. She has recently also had the honour of being chosen as part of a formal mentor program for the son of a very prominent UK Entrepreneur, Mr. Rafi Razzak.


Guide to Coaching principles

Guiding principle 1:
the nature of the coaching relationship is essential

Our coaches approach and engage the client with empathy, acceptance, and authenticity; the coach provides the platform for safety, trust, and collaborative interaction. They do this by:

  1. Listening for understanding.
  2. Cultivate acceptance and look for positive points of connection.
  3. Give honest and constructive feedback in the moment.
  4. Establish collaboration as the process of the coaching relationship.

Guiding principle 2:
the client is the source and director of change

  1. Facilitate the client setting the agenda, goals, and direction.
  2. Use the self-subject matter expertise of the client as the point of connection.
  3. Maintain an attitude of hypothesis regarding their understanding of the client.

Guiding principle 3:
the client is whole and unique: we understand that one size does not fit all

  1. Assess thoroughly and check for accuracy.
  2. Look for interconnections.
  3. Facilitate integrating/aligning.

Guiding principle 4:

  1. The coach is the facilitator of the client’s growth
  2. The coaching conversation is a means to explore and plan the individuals own direction.

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